How to Become a Motivational Speaker in INDIA?

IMAGINE having a lifestyle where you get regular invitations from different organizations to deliver speeches to inspire people, work 15-20 hours a week, have ENOUGH time freedom to do what you love, and making a significant INCOME while helping thousands of people.

Is that what you want?

What will you FEEL once you reach that stage in your life?

What will your life look like once you become a motivational speaker in India and start delivering speeches, trainings, coaching program to people around the country and around the world and make significant difference?


As you may know already, I help corporate professionals, businessmen, managers, leaders, software engineers speak & ROCK THE STAGE so that they can create a bigger impression as a professional, create a bigger impact and make a brighter income.

Working in the industry for years, I have found out that many people actually want to be professional speakers/ motivational speakers/ trainers in India. Many of them have a dream of touching other peoples’ lives by speaking and sharing their message. But 95% of them never get to do it. Sad!

Do you have the same dream? Would you like to become a motivational speaker in India this year?

When I started out as a speaker, I made no money. I tried a lot to convince people to hire me to speak...for free, but even then I was not successful. Forget a fee, I was not even getting any free speeches!! I was frustrated! 

Can you relate to me?

The first time someone paid me to train them, I got 1,500 rupees for 10 hours of training (1 hour per day for 10 days). That was a very small amount, you know that. Heck, you can’t even buy a bicycle on that kind of money :-)

Fast forward everything till today. Today things are completely different!!! Now I get paid a lot more, because I learnt how to become a motivational speaker--- the REAL FORMULA of it. Currently my fee for 45 minutes of motivational speech/keynote address is 6.5 LACS rupees if it's in Bangalore (within the city). My one-on-one coaching clients pay me 95 Lacs Rupees a year. I take multiple vacations every month, and don't worry about getting clients (because I have a system in place). We have a consistent way of getting predictible flow of high-paying clients. I work with my own principles, I am fortunate to help hundreds of thousands of people. (google : "Bishal Sarkar Review" and you'll know more)


But it was not that easy. I had to learn the business. I took a lot of courses...after courses, I read many books, invested in a lot of high-paying coaching sessions with some of the greatest marketers in the world (from USA & Australia), went to many seminars, and I was desperate to find out how to become a motivational speaker in India, more importantly how to become a motivational speaker who gets paid to speak...who gets paid well!

Some of those mentors are my own personal friends now, including the legendary Les Brown.

Motivational speaking (full-time/part-time) is for you, if you:

  • Love helping people
  • Want to follow your passion of speaking
  • Have a message to share with the world
  • Want to leave a legacy
  • Love to travel
  • Become your own boss
  • Want to have a huge following
  • Create a HUGE reputation for yourself...golabally
  • Make a lot of money while making a difference in the world


The common myth is that just because you have a message, everyone will listen.

Not true.

It’s 2016 and none today cares just about “a message”. If you are just like everyone else, you are just a noise.

When SERIOUS people like you call us to know How to Become a Paid Motivational Speaker in India and get selected for any of our programs, we teach the process. I teach my coaching members & new speakers how to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, and also I show them techniques (most of them are zero-budget) about how to turn their speeches into an excellent source of income. Since, I can’t go deep here in this blog, here are 5 tips for you for becoming a paid motivational speaker:

1. There are 5 categories of subjects that companies and colleges hire speakers to speak on. If the subject you speak on is not aligned with these 5 subjects, they will never book you to speak!!!

2. This era is not of generalists, but of specialists. Don’t try to be a speaker who speaks on everything. Speak on 1, max 2 themes.

3. “You have a message, so keep trying and the world will come to you” is a complete lie. Here is my formula: MESSAGE+MARKETING= MONEY, MESSAGE-MARKETING= POOR

4. Learn how to reach the CEOs, and how to negotiate your fees. If you're willing to charge only 5,000 Rupees for a speech, you shouldn't even call us. That's too low of a dream. Your dream should be to make AT LEAST 50,000 to 2 Lacs Rupees per program you deliver, and you need to know how to position your offer to the CEOs, how to negotiate so you are not discounting your fees, and you need to master the art of getting constant spin-off gigs from the same client month after month.

5. Don’t place an ad on paper. It’s costly to get an ad on widely read newspaper, and none will call you to speak to their company just because your ad is on paper :-)


CEOs don't hire speakers based on paper ADs or pamphlets. Those are useless cheap options. You have to master the art of spiral marketing so CEOs beg you to speak to their companies. Once I mastered this concept, my fee went from 1 Lac Rupees to 6.5 lacs now, just for 45 minutes of speaking on stage. (by the way, I have a 9-month waiting list for that.)

6. Bonus tip: Don’t just rely on “speaking”, create multiplies streams of income using the same information (Audio Programs, online continuity programs, group mentoring programs etc.) My clients pay me 95 Lacs Rupees a year to get personal mentoring from via phone conversations--- and I speak to them only 4 times a month. So when I am delivering a speech for a well-known company, I know when to talk about my mentoring offer, so out of the 100 people, even if 30 people request me to take them as my private clients, I can reject 20, select best 3 and make additional BIG income from there. THAT'S called SMART THINKING as a motivational speaker. You can copy my model and style of doing business (without joining any courses ever). Smart idea!

I wish you become a motivational speaker in India. My best wishes for you. If I can help you in any way by showing you the direction so you can shorten your learning curve, hence become a motivational speaker in India, do email me Tomorrow I am travelling for a major speech, and I will shoot some videos there as well. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing stage with you in near future! All the best!



About the author: Bishal Sarkar, popularly known as “Mr. PRACTICAL”, is called the best motivational speaker of Bangalore India. Bishal is the creator of “Present like a Champ Boot Camp” (The Best Public Speaking Course in Bangalore) where he teaches the participants the step-by-step easy-to-follow process of public speaking success. He regularly speaks to professionals, youth groups, corporate groups, and trains people from various walks of life and brings out the excellence within them. As the author of the book “I Love Public Speaking”, Bishal now teaches professionals how to overcome fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations using the proven formula of speaking & presentation success, through his public speaking courses & communication skills classes in Bangalore. He also helps aspiring speakers by teaching them How to become a motivational speaker in India. People say that he has designed the best presentation skills classes & public speaking workshops in Bangalore. For enrolling in Bishal Sarkar’s “Present like a Champ Boot Camp”, call us on +91-88803-61526.

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